Our Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice explains how Belmont Solutions Group Ltd (trading as ‘First Call Debt Solutions’) use the personal information, or personal data, we collect about you when we provide our services to you.

Our Contact Details

Email: enquiries@firstcalldebtsolutions.co.uk
Phone: 0808 275 8945 – (free from UK landlines and mobiles)
Address: First Call Debt Solutions, The Shakespeare Centre, 45-51 Shakespeare street, Southport, PR8 5AB
Why Do We Collect and Use Your Personal Information?
Our main purpose for processing your personal information is to complete a review of your financial situation and personal circumstances so that we can provide you with a referral to our licensed insolvency practitioner, Angela Canning of X-Debt, so she may assist you with any financial difficulties. We may use this data to contact you to discuss your situation or update you on the service we are providing you with. If you wish to be referred to a third-party debt solution company, we may ask your permission to gather some documentation from you (e.g. wage slips, bank statements) to help with the next stage of your debt solution with your agreed third-party provider.

Privacy Notice


What Personal Information Do We Collect and Hold?


We only collect personal data that is necessary in order for us to provide our services, or where we are required to collect this data in order to meet legal or regulatory obligations. This may include (but is not limited to):
• Your personal details (for example your name, age, date of birth)
• Your address and contact details (e.g. telephone number and email address)
• Special category data*
• Financial data (e.g. your income and expenditure, debts and creditor information)
• Employment information
• Circumstantial information (e.g. the number of children in your family, the number of dependant and non-dependent children)
• Information gathered by ‘Cookies’ and similar data trackers which explain how you use our website (e.g. IP address, browser information)
Special Category Data*
This is personal data which classes as sensitive information, which we may need in order to ensure that the service and advice we provide to you appropriately meets your needs or is adapted to your needs where it is possible/reasonable to do so. This data may include information on your health or mental health, as understanding this may help us to understand your financial situation and/or the suitability of the debt solutions available to you. Our collection and use of this data require your explicit consent.
Other People
You may wish to provide personal information about others, for example if you are considering a joint debt solution with a partner. If this is the case, you must have the permission of this person to divulge their personal data.
Using Your Personal Information
We will only use your data if:
• We need to take steps at your request prior to you entering into a contract with a third-party solution provider
• You have given us your consent
• We have a legal or regulatory obligation to do so
Transferring and sharing your information
We may be required to share your data for legal reasons (e.g. with the police or law enforcement agencies) or for regulatory reasons. If it is appropriate for us to refer you to a third-party debt solution provider, we may share your personal information with:
Debts Solved Limited (X-Debt)
Refresh Debt Limited
Money Advice Service
Debtfocus Business Recovery & Insolvency Limited
In addition, from time to time, we use the services of external consultants, legal specialists, or outsource certain aspects of our processes to other organisations, some of whom may be located outside of the EU (European Union). We keep outsourcing activity to a minimum however on occasion these organisations may assist us such as with quality monitoring, scanning, marketing, identity verification checks, audits, record keeping or printing. All outsourced service providers are carefully vetted and monitored to ensure the safeguarding of your information.
We use the services of credit reference agencies for the purpose of verifying your identity this usually will leave a ‘soft search’ on your credit file. This does not affect your credit rating.
Your Individual Rights
  •  Right to Be Informed
You have the right to be informed about how we use and collect your personal data. This information is included in this Privacy Notice.
  • Right of Access
You have the right to access your information at any point and can check what information we hold and process about you by contacting us on the details above. You have the right to copies of the information we hold about you. Contact us to request this. This will be provided free of charge in most circumstances.
  • Right to Rectification
You have the right to rectify any information you believe is incorrect. Belmont Solutions Group Ltd (trading as ‘First Call Debt Solutions’) may regularly refresh and check your information to make sure it is as accurate as possible but if you believe any details are incorrect, you can request this is amended or removed by contacting us and we will respond within one month to confirm the actions taken.
  • Right of Erasure
You have the right to request the erasure of your information if you withdraw your consent to Belmont Solutions Group Ltd (trading as ‘First Call Debt Solutions’) processing this information and in other circumstances. You should contact us to exercise this right and we will respond within one month.
  • Right to Restrict Processing
You have the right to restrict the processing of your data in certain circumstances, for example, if you contest the accuracy of the information, if you object to the processing of the information, we hold about you, if you oppose the erasure of the information and instead insist on restricted processing. You should contact us to exercise this right and we will respond within one month.
  • Right to Data Portability
You have the right to request your personal information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form free of charge. This enables other organisations to use your data. If you require, Belmont Solutions Group Ltd (trading as ‘First Call Debt Solutions’) can supply this information directly to another organisation if technically feasible. You should contact us to exercise this right and we will respond within one month. This may be extended to two months if the request is complex and we will notify you if this is the case.
  • Rights Relating to Automated Decision Making
When providing our services, we may use profiling and automated decision-making processes. You can opt out of these processes by contacting us. We have additional checks in place to protect any vulnerable groups and oversee the accuracy of decision-making systems.
  • Right to Object
You cannot remove your consent to some of the information we process without our services being terminated, however you can opt out of providing some information i.e. special category data or request its erasure. In accordance with your terms and conditions you have the right to withdraw from using our services at any time and you can use the contact details below to exercise this right.
How We Secure and Retain Your Information
We retain your information for the full duration of our relationship to enable us to provide our service. We keep your information for a maximum of six years following closure of your account to comply with our legal and regulatory requirements. Any personal information we do not believe is necessary to provide our service, and all information outside of the retention period, is securely destroyed and deleted. We conduct our services through computer systems and any paperwork or documents we receive may be scanned to this system. If you need to send us important documents, please make sure you keep a copy.
All personal information we hold is securely stored, and we conduct regular testing of our cyber and physical security procedures to ensure this is maintained. If at any time we believe there has been a breach of your personal data, we will notify you immediately.
If at any time you believe your personal information may have been shared with an unauthorised party, you must let us know as soon as possible.
You are responsible for keeping any personal passwords or similar security information private, including personal information you disclose on social media. If you have any concerns about how we have handled or protected your information, we would hope that you contact us to discuss this. You can also escalate your concerns to the UK’s data protection regulator the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), more information can be found at: www.ico.org.uk.
Belmont Solutions Group Ltd (trading as ‘First Call Debt Solutions’) collects personal information when you contact us or agree to our products or services. We use this information to provide the services requested, and if you agree, to send you marketing information about the services we provide. You can withdraw your consent for Marketing by contacting us at any time.
If you would like to receive further information about other products and services from Belmont Solutions Group Ltd (trading as ‘First Call Debt Solutions’) or third parties that may be of interest, you must inform us of your marketing preferences.
You may receive information routinely from Belmont Solutions Group Ltd (trading as ‘First Call Debt Solutions’) that is not marketing but forms part of the service we provide to you such as; Newsletters, updates, regulatory obligations i.e. our Complaints Procedure.
Changes to our Privacy Notice
If we change how we plan to use your information in the future, we will give you 14 days’ notice of this. You have the right to refuse any such changes, but it may result in the termination of our service if this refusal affects our ability to provide the service to you.
Our Contact Details
Email: enquiries@firstcalldebtsolutions.co.uk
Phone: 0808 275 8945 – (free from UK landlines and mobiles)
Address: First Call Debt Solutions, The Shakespeare Centre, 45-51 Shakespeare street, Southport, PR8 5AB